Ecological Interest

Bridal Veil Falls State Scenic Viewpoint Trails

The park features two different trails: an upper walking/interpretive trail and a lower hiking trail to the falls (120' tall). The upper trail takes visitors around the precipice of the cliffs of the Gorge. Sign boards along the trail point out distinctive native wild plants that grow abundantly in this area such as camas, lupine, bead lilly, trillium and bleeding heart. The trail is fenced beautifully with logged beams and wire to protect visitors along the viewpoint while maximizing every vantage point of the magnificent view of the Gorge.

Storming Downtown Portland

The Pacific Northwest is considered a hot spot in the nation for green infrastructure implementation. Where we used to pave, pipe, and channel, we are now restoring natural functions. We are creating spaces and places that are healthier, safer, and more livable for people and wildlife. Take a self-guided tour of innovative stormwater management facilities in downtown Portland.


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