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Hyland Forest Park Trails

Hyland forest park is an isolated woodland in the midst of heavy residential development that contains both wetland and upland habitat. This 60-yer-old, second-growth stand Douglas fir grove provides an island sanctuary for woodland birds and even affords foraging habitat for pileated woodpecker. The northern red-legged frog uses the pond in the northeast corner of the park as a breeding ground.

The unpaved trails are lined with enchanter's nightengale, fringecup, and pink flowered geraniums.

H.M. Terpenning Recreation Complex Trails

The H. M. Terpenning Recreation Complex is almost 90 acres and contains baseball fields, soccer fields, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, an aquatic center, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, an indoor running track, a skate park, a community garden, and two trails through forested areas. The complex has over one mile of paved paths meandering though the fields, and 0.6 of a mile of soft-surface path in the forests. The site is well worth a visit to see the variety of recreation opportunities available at this one location while walking the well-maintained trail system.



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