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Turner Creek Park

This community park provides opportunities for active recreation and watching wildlife. Benches and picnic tables along the paved path make good resting spots. The playground, softball field, soccer field and tennis courts offer a wide range of options for active play. The natural area is a great place to watch waterfowl and connect to nature.

789 SE 31st Ct Hillsboro, OR 97123

Whipple Creek Urban Wildlife Habitat

Habitat restoration at this site has helped to stablize the stream channel which will limit further damage from upstream development, protecting aquatic habitat and wetlands. The project restored and enhanced over five acres of degraded wetlands and floodplain. The diverse plantings increased wildlife habitat for a number of species.

The project also includes a nature trail for use by the neighborhoods to enjoy hiking and wildlife watching. 

NE 22nd Ave. / NE 166th St. Vancouver, WA


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