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The Willamette Narrows seen from above.

Explore this short section of the Willamette River just upstream from the confluence of the Tualatin River to discover the beautiful and sensitive habitats on several secluded islands.

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Paddling the Columbia

On the Columbia River near Washougal, the 1,049-acre Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge consists of floodplain, semi-permanent wetlands, cottonwood-dominated riparian corridors, pastures and remnant stands of Oregon white oak. Winter concentrations of geese may peak at several thousand birds. Herons forage year-round and frequent the refuge from a nearby nesting colony.

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Paddling the slough

If you're looking for a quiet place to paddle without driving two hours to get there, the Whitaker Slough is a best bet here in Portland. Part of the larger Columbia Slough, a shallow, the Whitaker Slough is composed of six lakes, three ponds and 50 miles of waterways.

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