Catching the Breeze on Powell Butte


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There is nothing better in the world than being able to escape the humming of the city in a flash. To become unwound, free oneself from nervous tension. The earthy smell of the woods with its soothing sounds instantly create great contrast with the city just bellow. 
Powell Butte Nature Park, which is an extinct volcanic cinder cone, lies just 2 miles away from where we live and upon visiting for the first time, we fell in love instantly. We usually enter the park area from the West, SE Raymond St. and climb uphill toward the top of the butte. At the end of the summer there are tons of blackberries to pick along the way.
The journey to the top usually takes us around 1/2 an hour, for we stop often to observe singing birds, trees, spider webs, and other bits of nature in the city. Our daughter just turned 2 years old and "What is that"? seems to slow us down even further…
At the top, the fun may begin. The butte's crown is bare, flat, mostly windy and therefore perfect for flying kite. We are far from being professional kite flyers, but when the kite takes off and you start feeling the power of the wind in your hands getting stronger with each foot it gains in hight, your child screaming with excitement, you know that you are on! This is the time to create new memories. These are the memories which will shape our family into the future.
After the fun of being in the wilderness within the city, the time has come back down to real life. Good bye Mt. Hood, sleep well Mt. St. Helens, see you later Columbia River, and we wave good bye. See you tomorrow!!!  
Editor's note: 

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Kite flying atop Powell Butte
Steps down to the city.
The top of the butte is large, flat and without much trees, hence perfect conditions for flying kites.
Due to present construction and changes in logistics of the park area, usual parking areas or some trails are closed and forcing us to discover other, to us unknown places of this inner city wilderness.
Looking to the west one cannot possibly miss the ancient friend of Portland - Mt. Hood.
Tunnels of trees ahead. It is hard to believe that just a short distance away, beyond the greenery of the park lies the bustling city.

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