Doggie Heaven Found!


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For those who have been looking for an off-leash dog area I have a good news. I found it. It is called “Thousand Acres” and it is only a 20 minute drive from SE Portland East on I-84 in the Sandy River Delta. On a hot summer day, it was nice to start the hike by first taking a dip into the Sandy River. Then we head north along the river, under the I-84 overpass down the sandy trail.

Shortly after that we stumbled upon a small pond filled with awesome looking frogs. I am always happy to see them since they are thought to be a sign of a healthy environment. The sand under our feet felt just like the beach. After making our way through a sea of horsetail bushes, the landscape opened up . The trees become taller and we came upon a gravel road. We could choose to continue westbound for about 15 minutes and end up where the Sandy River joins the Columbia.

Because it was getting late in the day, we decided to head east which brought us to a gravel crossroads. This is where we met several doggies and their owners. The dogs were well behaved - even off-leash, which is allowed here but not at all natural areas. An occasional small airplane flying overhead enriched the experience. Finally the Thousand Acres was revealed to us. Never-ending openspace. Yay!

Along the road you have the option to explore several different trails and pick blackberries too. You can end up your adventure either at the newly built parking lot or choose to go back to the soak and relax your tired feet in the Sandy River. The sunset on the water was beautiful.

Editor's note: 

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Thousand Acres
Under I-84
Frog spotting!
The sandy trail
Doggin the gravel roads

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