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With such a wide variety of adventure possibilities right outside your door, it's easy to connect with nature. For ideas on our region's best places to play, check out these Intertwine adventures contributed by local leaders, residents and naturalists.

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The Oneonta Gorge.

Oneonta Falls (sometimes called Lower Oneonta Falls), is a short .6 mile hike that requires overcoming a few obstacles to reach it. It’s not far from Portland either.

Over or under?

Take a walk on the wild side at this little-known natural area full of wonder, mystery and wildlife

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Nature's playground

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall - through all four seasons, this park's got it all! There's no wrong time to explore Marshall Park in SW Portland. So what are you waiting for? Go play!

Schweitzer Restoration Area sign along the trail.

There's so much to see and do along the Springwater Corridor. Check out these great ideas for an afternoon Recess on the trail!

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Thousand Acres

Discover Thousand Acres - at the Sandy River Delta. There's lots of room to explore, and with dogs allowed off-leash it makes a perfect escape for the whole gang.

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