Input wanted on Alliance's equity programming

As most of you know, The Intertwine Alliance made an organizational assessment cohort, antiracism training, and other organizational equity and deconstructing bias programming available to our partners last year, mostly through funding provided by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Our intention has been to bring our partners together on these issues so they can learn from each other and gain some economies of scale in accessing training and support. Participants reported to us that these programs were effective, and encouraged us to continue this type of work.
We would like to get a sense for how many of you would participate if we continue with similar programming in the coming years. We would continue to organize anti-racism training, organizational assessment work, peer-to-peer mentoring and exchange, and consulting support, using local trainers and facilitators whenever possible. Our job would be to help you assess your personal and organizational needs, then help match you with the support you need at a cost that is accessible for you. We are also hoping to offer a few organizations that have a significant commitment to equity a chance to participate with a few of their peers in a more in-depth one-year program.
Alliance staff do not provide assessments or training ourselves; we contract with others. We also will be continuing our own work and participating in trainings. Decisions about who to contract with would be made by a committee with diverse membership.
One new dimension to our work in the proposed program would be that instead of offering workshops and training as stand-alone events, we would support partner organizations over time, continuing to try to match them with resources as their needs evolve. Any of our partners that are interested would be welcome.
This program is NOT funded yet. We are merely exploring whether there is sufficient interest for us to pursue it further. If you think you would be interested in participating, please email You may also email Lauren with your questions. If we do proceed with the program, we will give priority for participation to those that responded to this email.
May 3 2016

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