Portland-Vancouver Regional Eco-Blitz Series


Be part of a new citizen science movement, and contribute to the region’s species inventory! 

Whether out of need for baseline data to support a conservation program or just pure curiosity, we often wonder about the various life forms around us. Numerous species surveys are conducted throughout the Portland-Vancouver region, but the resulting data is not always accessible or might not translate well for the general public. The Portland-Vancouver Regional Eco-Blitz Series will establish continuous species identification events, bringing together partners from throughout the area to make the data transparent and accessible to all. We will do this by displaying real-time data created by participants like you. View database below.

The Eco-Blitz Series aims to:

  • Raise awareness of biodiversity
  • Generate appreciation of natural resources
  • Establish a shared effort among science professionals, educators and the general public
  • Create a shared database of regional species and natural resources  

Help Build the Regional Species Inventory


Database for the Portland-Vancouver Regional Eco-Blitz 

Why "Eco-Blitz"?

We use the term "Eco-Blitz" instead of "Bio-Blitz" so that each event in the series can be  structured flexibly. Some events will focus on engaging the general public, with less concern about the type of data collected. Other events will focus primarily on the data collected, with many scientists involved and a clear structure on how and what to identify.

Each type of eco-blitz has its merit, and can be part of the larger collaboration to build capacity for species data and citizen science. The general nature of the Eco-Blitz series allows other existing blitz and survey events, each using their own apps, to become part of this regional movement.