Connections. It’s what we make when we gather as The Intertwine Alliance. It’s what we make when we view our shared public lands as a single, continuous experience. And it’s what we make when we create a platform to share our personal experiences and perspectives about what nature means to each of us.

In the spirit of a more interconnected greater Portland-Vancouver region, we introduce “Daycations” -- fun, convenient excursions throughout our abundant natural areas that showcase diverse perspectives around nature and its benefits. Daycations are personalized adventures combining parks, trails, beaches, waterways, coffee shops, brewpubs, and other fun waypoints. We'll share these Daycations on our website and through the Daycation mobile app, the platform for taking Daycations while engaging in an array of social features.

Daycation goals

  • Encourage people to get outside.
  • Simplify discovery of Portland’s natural places.
  • Foster appreciation of the region’s native flora, fauna and habitats.
  • Create community interconnectedness and a sense of place.
  • Encourage alternative transportation for recreation.
  • Promote low-cost activities and local destinations.
  • Increase awareness of The Intertwine brand, specifically the geographical footprint and coalition of partners.
  • Increase engagement between The Intertwine Alliance partners and the people, businesses and communities they serve.
  • Increase opportunities for non place-based organizations to promote their work and contribution to the community.
  • Emphasize fun!

Get involved

Provide a Daycation 

We need your Daycation for the website and the app. Learn what a Daycation is and how to submit one here. Anyone can submit a Daycation!                         

Join the Daycation App Beta-Test Team

Commitment: Two or three weeks in fall 2016

Be the first to see and use the new app as part of our beta-test crew. Download and test the new app. Report any bugs. Tell us what you like and don't like. Interested? Please email Communications Manager Tara Wilkinson at