East Multnomah County Parks Initiative



The Intertwine Alliance held a summit at Edgefield the afternoon of May 12, 2016. Approximately 120 civic leaders, elected officials, and residents attended and explored the question:

“How can we provide the necessary parks, recreation facilities, and programs in East Multnomah County, while being fiscally responsible, locally focused, and culturally responsive; thereby meeting our shared vision for a healthy, safe, and economically prosperous community.”

Summit Summary

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Mayor Doug Daoust of Troutdale; Don Goldberg, Director of Business Development, Port of Portland; and Shirley Craddick, Metro Councilor, opened the event. 

Cary Simmons, of the Trust for Public Land's NW Parks for People Program, presented 10 reasons why nature, parks & recreation are important to community well being. See his presentation.

Mike Wetter, Executive Director of The Intertwine Alliance, presented data regarding how East Multnomah stacks up against other U.S. communities of similar size. See Mike's presentation.

Troutdale Councilor Larry Morgan, Gresham Sergeant Jeff Miller, and Lisa McDonald, Principal of Glenfair School, gave their perspectives on whether the status quo is sufficient,and what enhanced parks, trails and natural areas might offer East Multnomah County.

Ricardo Ruiz talked about Futsal at Vance Park,and Lee Dayfield presented on the Nadaka Park/Garden Project. See Ricki's presentation. Metro Councilor Shirley Craddick talked about the Metro levy that will be on the ballot in November, and Rex Burkholder presented on the Outdoor School for All initiative.

Owen Wozniak, Trust for Public Land, provided an overview of approaches that communities can take to strengthen their parks, recreation facilities and programs. Read an outline of Owen's talk.

Next Steps

A majority of attendees expressed interest in continuing to explore the topic of how to strengthen parks, recreation facilities and programs in East Multnomah County. Several offered to be a part of a steering committee. Stay tuned for more information soon.