Rewilding Free Skills Series: Natural Movement

Saturday, July 30, 2016 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm
Rewild Portland
NE 6th Dr.
Portland, OR 97211
United States

We would like to invite you to this month's Rewilding Skill Series. The Rewilding Free Skills Series is a class & networking event that happens monthly, that usually occurs (but not always) on the last Saturday of the month. It is a place for social networking where people make new friends and hang out with old friends learning skills to connect us with humanity's ancestral past and more local and sustainable future. We ask for a $5 - $10 suggested donation with no one turned away.

This month's theme is Natural Movement. Most people these days in first world countries like the United States grow up with their feet firmly planted in shoes, walking on hard, flat ground. We sit in chairs, hunched over a keyboard (as I am right now), for hours on end. This isn't what our Gene's have in mind for the way in which our bodies are meant to interact with the world, and in nature. So how do we move naturally? We'll be looking at animal movements, MovNat techniques, and other aspects of how humans have moved, and still move today, without the aid of shoes, in rough and wild terrain. Come learn what our bodies can really do, and share what you may already know!

Children's Arboretum
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