Engage With The Alliance 

It takes hearts, hands and minds to build The Intertwine’s 3,000 square miles of parks, trails and natural areas. This is the work of The Intertwine Alliance—a unique coalition of 130+ public, private and nonprofit organizations in the Portland/Vancouver region.

Through the organizing framework of Collective Impact, we identify priority work areas, set goals and guide progress.

Focus areas we're working in include Active Transportation, Conservation Education, Conservation, Economic Development, Equity, Health & Nature, Public Engagement/Our Common Ground Campaign, Youth Engagement, Urban Forestry and the Regional System of Parks, Trails and Natural Areas. 

Check back here for frequent updates, resources and calendar items, as we shape a positive new future for The Intertwine, powered by you.

September 2014 -- Intertwine Alliance Program Manager David Cohen is meeting with Lake McTighe of Metro and Kari Schlosshauer of the Safe Routes to Schools program to work on a plan to support the recently approved Regional Active Transportation Plan and to develop ongoing platforms for discussion of regional Active Transportation issues.  

September 2014 -- The 2015 Annual Trails Fair will be tied to the May International Trails Symposium taking place at the Portland Convention Center and hosted by Metro and The Intertwine Alliance next May 17-20. The Intertwine Alliance will support the conference by coordinating volunteers.  

September 2014 -- The Intertwine Alliance, as part of a contract with East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District, has led an effort to develop a plan to more successfully and sustainably fund the metro-area Outdoor School Program. Outdoor School, part of the Multnomah Education School District, often is in funding jeopardy. EMSWCD is a supporter. The final report was approved by the EMSWCD board this month. The Intertwine Alliance's David Cohen will be at the EMSWCD meeting in October to answer questions if they arise.