Lone Fir Cultural Heritage Garden

This project will develop a garden at Lone Fir Cemetery that enhances public experience of the cemetery and the history it inspires. Specifically, the garden will remember a time from 1860 to 1890 when Chinese workers played an important role in the growth of Portland, along with the history of Dr. Hawthorne, his asylum, and its importance in the evolution of mental health. This history has been largely forgotten and is appropriate to bring to life as we endeavor to be a community that celebrates our diversity and includes those formerly disenfranchised.

The project will move from fundraising through design development (conceptual design and community outreach have been completed) and construction, resulting in a new garden at the corner of SE 20th Avenue and SE Morrison Street in Portland. 

Expected outcomes are that Lone Fir will be strengthened as a place to walk, reflect and understand Portland's history.  The garden also has the potential to be the site of events and celebrations for the neighborhood, community and region.

Please see the Lone Fir Cemetery Foundation's website for much more.