Metro Launches Vamonos! Project


Metro launched their Vamonos! project aimed to encourage the use of bike and pedestrian routes among Latino families in Cornelius, Forest Grove and Hillsboro. Elements of health, environmental conservation and education will be promoted through development and community outreach activities.  To increase awareness about the positive impacts bike riding and participating in other outdoor activities have on individuals, Metro's website now includes information about health benefits, safety tips and ways to travel without a car. 

Metro plans to distribute 60,000 bilingual maps that identify many significant features such as: trails, restrooms, wheelchair accessibility, playgrounds, picnic areas and parking space. The maps have been available since July 7th and will be handed out at several bike rides and walking events through October. The project is a collaborative effort supported by public, private and non-profit agencies including a few of our partners, Kaiser Permanente, the City of Hillsboro and the City of Forest Grove.

Oregon's Latino Population

As of 2011, the United States Census Bureau reported that Latinos comprise 12% of Oregon's population and 16.7% of the national population. Causa, a local Latino advocacy organization, composed the report "Latino Contributions to Oregon: Strengthening Our State Economy", in which they evaluate the active role Latinos play in advancing the economy of Oregon and their contributions in the workforce, as consumers, and as taxpayers. The Vamonos! project strives to improve the health and wellness of Latino Oregonians in order to continue supporting the role they play in our state. For more information contact or call (503) 797-1757.