News & Events from the Intertwine


September 14 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Restoration Bike Tour

Email to save your spot! Just 8 spots left!

Come be a part of the fun restoration bike tour in outer Southeast Portland with JCWC Executive Director, Daniel Newberry!


Enjoy spending time with youth in the outdoors? Slough School volunteers assist our Slough School educators in the delivery of classroom and field-based science programs during school field trips to Whitaker Ponds Nature park and other watershed locations.


Winter solstice is near, marking the shortest day of the year. Take an afternoon walk through the majestic oak woodlands atop Cooper Mountain and learn how the winter solstice ushers in the return of the light and longer days.


Enjoy and celebrate the gifts of nature at Oxbow Regional Park with Metro naturalist Dan Daly, Deerdance School's Terry Kem and others. Walk along the Sandy River as you focus on opening your senses and noticing how wildlife respond to the changing season.


Geologic activity is taking place within the forested slopes and canyon walls of Newell Creek Canyon.


The birds are talking. Are you listening? Learn to unravel the mysterious communications of the birds and how their various calls and alarms move across the landscape.


Where the forest of Cedar Canyon meets Killin Wetlands, two unique habitats collide, bringing together a wealth of flora and fauna. Explore the wetland edge in search of birds, and read the stories of elk, bear and beaver in the forested upland through the tracks and signs they leave.


Interested in nature photography? Gain an understanding of basic photography composition while learning about the plants and wildlife of the wetlands. Class will start prior to golden hour in order to capture the best light of the day.


Discover the fascinating and weird world of mushrooms. Join mushroom enthusiast Leah Bendlin on this woodland hike to learn about the ecological roles of fungi and how they eat and reproduce. We'll have hands-on exercises and learn how to identify mushrooms. Field guides will be provided.