Intertwine Alliance Fall Summit - October 25

On October 25th, Alliance partners from across the Portland - Vancouver region will gather at our Fall 2012 Intertwine Alliance Summit to celebrate recent successes and collaborate on upcoming projects. 

The Summit will include a keynote address by Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici, a discussion lead by the Deputy Director of the National Park Service - Mickey Fearn, and opportunities for partners to share recent successes.

Partners will also have the chance to participate in the launching of an Intertwine regional urban forestry strategy or help set priorities for regional active transportation corridors and connections. 

Launching a Regional Urban Forestry Strategy: presentation of the final Intertwine Regional Conservation Strategy (RCS), a regional biodiversity recovery and management plan for the Portland-Vancouver metro area, and highlighting how organizations throughout the region are implementing the RCS including the new Regional Urban Forestry Strategy. This workshop will also include discussions and guest lectures about urban natural resource issues and how participants can become involved in and contribute to these regional efforts.

Regional Active Transportation Plan: Imagine a seamless, green and interconnected system of on and off-street walking and bicycling networks, integrated with public transit. A regional planning process is underway to identify priorities and strategies for completing the regional active transportation system. Participants in the workshop will weigh in on different concepts for the final system. Presentations on cutting edge analysis of the current pedestrian and bicycle networks and the state of active transportation will highlight some of the opportunities and challenges in our region. 

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