Healthy By Nature Forum

In September, 2011, Dr. Kurt Beil of the National College of Natural Medicine attended the Healthy By Nature forum in Vancouver, British Columbia. This was a gathering of policy makers, parks planners, and health sector professionals from Canada, the US, the UK and Australia (including a number of international experts), all interested in investigating and promoting the overlapping areas of health and access to nature. Discussion was robust and many ideas for how to integrate exposure to nature and healthcare were brought to the table. It was apparent there is a lot of potential work to be done in this exciting and developing field. 

Dr. Beil presented The Intertwine to the attendees. It was well received, and many were very interested in The Intertwine system, the Alliance, and how our partners work together. Alliance partner organizations will continue to advance the work to link The Intertwine with greater health, well-being and quality of life for Portland Metro area residents.

Healthy by Nature 2011 forum



Read the report from the forum here.