PNCA Design Students Tackle the Aesthetics of The Intertwine

Intertwine leaders join forces with the Pacific Northwest College of Art to mentor design students on the art of the outdoors this term. The course will take a deep look into the history, biology, and vision of our regional web of built and natural infrastructure, and each student's work will result in a single "image" or "product" that captures the essence of The Intertwine. 

Students will incorporate their coursework exploring pertinent topics including regional growth management, landscape ecology, biodiversity, green infrastructure, watershed health, cartography, active transportation and human health. Each student will be expected to familiarize themselves with parks, trails, and natural areas of The Intertwine on their own outside class (homework.. what a drag), and instruction will include many field trips to study the range of park, trail, and natural area typologies in the metropolitan region.

Stay tuned to see the results of this design experiment. We're excited!