"Selling Sustainability Without Selling Out" - our free webinar!

April 11th, 2014 | Portland, OR -- With environmental literacy on the decline and today's youth spending less and less time outside, reaching urban populations with environmental messages has become more important than ever.

Yet many within the environmental community struggle to tell our stories in compelling ways, or to be heard in a highly saturated information marketplace. 

How is The Intertwine Alliance planning to meet this challenge? Check out "Our Common Ground: How to Sell Sustainability Without Selling Out." -- our free webinar with Frank Creative!

Over the course of our hour-long webinar, outdoor brand expert David Karstad breaks down the thought process behind our fresh approach to selling nature in metropolitan regions.

This result is Our Common Ground, the unique campaign that David and his team at Frank developed with Collective Impact in mind. By uniting behind this versatile promotions campaign, we believe the partners of The Intertwine Alliance can go toe to toe with the best brands in the market.