How Portland got its official city bird

30th Annual Great Blue Heron Week coming June 1 to June 12

Without giving anything away, this colorful slice of history features two legendary characters of The Intertwine -- plus highlights of Great Blue Heron Week 2016.

Crane attraction

Conservation efforts at Vancouver Lake leave space for iconic sandhill cranes

Late last year, Columbia Land Trust acquired more than 500 acres in the Vancouver Lake lowlands. High on the list of management priorities is an endangered population of 5,000 sandhill cranes that migrate through here. Read on for more about this beloved and downright Jurassic species, and the Land Trust's efforts to help it.

The power of outdoor mentoring

Diversifying Portland greenspaces one youth at a time

I remember how important safe and unfettered access to outdoor spaces was for me at 10 and 12 years old, when my parents were divorcing and I needed a place to just be. And I knew that unless kids have had significant positive outdoor experiences by the time they reach high school, they are unlikely to join a nature-based program. So I founded Urban Nature Partners PDX.

Linking creativity and conservation

Youth mentoring nonprofit Caldera believes that art and nature go hand in hand. Time outdoors, artistic practice and mentoring create new opportunities to explore self-expression. This week, two local Caldera students join staffer Randall Malcolm to talk about their experiences as U.S. Forest Service interns in the Deschutes National Forest.

Dust to dust

Improving watershed health with natural burial

Portland's River View Cemetery on the west bank of the Willamette includes 70 acres of forest bordering streams in deep ravines. Deer are a regular sight, and dozens of other species of mammals, amphibians and birds reside in this type of habitat. Read on for how green burial options and a partnership with West Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District are improving watershed health. 

A sense of place and wonder

Past and present at the Sandy River Delta

Lewis and Clark thought it "horrid." But we throughout The Intertwine have loved the Sandy River Delta for generations. This Earth Day, let your inner scientist out to tromp around in pursuit of native species at the delta's first Eco-Blitz.

Getting outside with little ones

Five favorite spots to hike The Intertwine

The founder of super-popular and quickly growing organization Hike it Baby shares her favorite local spots for exercise, fresh air and adventure with her young son. Read on to see these perennially beloved hikes through fresh eyes.