More than a flower

The camas colors both hillsides and history

This time of year in the Willamette Valley, entire fields are colored azure blue by the blossoms of the camas lily. But the real story is found in the roots of the lovely camas -- a plant that has provided sustenance and wealth to the Native people of this region for tens of thousands of years.

Fighting fire with fire

How to sell sustainability without selling out

Why do so many of us struggle to tell the story of sustainability in a way that breaks through the information haze? It can be done. Here at Frank Creative, we've been doing this for years. Check out how we're selling sustainability without selling out.

Unlocking Willamette Falls

Off-limits for 150 years, our largest waterfall will soon be just steps away

Through my work over the past year, I've spent countless hours exploring Willamette Falls — a cultural treasure that for 150 years has been accessible to very few people. But thanks to a proposed community plan to redevelop the waterfront site of the former Blue Heron paper mill, soon you, too, will be able to Rediscover the Falls.

What would Bill do?

Honoring Bill Naito's legacy this Arbor Month

Consider the local leader who founded the City of Portland’s Urban Forestry Commission. The leader who was a big part of many of Portland’s most iconic features, from the Portland Streetcar to Lan Su Classical Chinese Garden. Then ask yourself: This April -- Arbor Month -- what would Bill Naito do?

Greening Pest Control

Skeptics abound -- but so do owl boxes

Pest control -- is it a necessity or an environmental hornet's nest? If you are like most people I meet, you don’t want sugar ants overrunning your pantry or molehills pock-marking your yard. But you probably also mistrust the chemicals and high costs that can go with the trade. So how can we get the trade "as green as can be"?

Summit Redux

In your words -- takeaways from twenty 2014 Spring Summit attendees

Last Wednesday, March 19, well over 300 people packed the Oregon Zoo ballroom for The Intertwine's 2014 Spring Summit. We thought this record-setting attendance made for great energy as we introduced Collective Impact, a new guiding framework for our coalition. But we're even more interested in your reaction. Here's how twenty Summit attendees answered the question "What stood out the most for you today?"

Grass is greener

Two questions from the Bay Area Open Space Council

The Portland Metro and San Francisco Bay areas share an ethic that values urban parks, trails and working ranches and farms. But it takes work to keep that grass green. Here in the Bay Area, we’re working on two big questions, both aimed at making land stewardship as sexy as acquisition, and as ubiquitous as pavement.