Silt vs. Soil

Protecting The Intertwine from the evils of erosion

Eighty years after the Dust Bowl, our understanding of the strength and fragility of native soils is greater than ever. Yet erosion will always be a concern -- even here in The Intertwine. Here are just a few reasons why vegetation is a soil savior's best friend.

What would you do with five minutes on TV?

If you had five minutes a month on television, what topics would you talk about? For the last seven years I’ve asked myself that question over and over. Here are some of my answers – as seen on KATU’s morning magazine show, AM Northwest.

Intertwine without borders

Clark County: part of the natural habitat of the Intertwine human

Three years ago, we set out to launch a coalition that transcended political lines on a map. After all, habitat knows no borders. But we admit, it's proven harder to get the humans of The Intertwine to embrace our bi-state identity. So lately, we're getting proactive, pushing people to think less about I-5 and more about our five watersheds.

Language of love

Can biophilia capture the heart of our cities?

Is biophilia a belief, a feeling, or the start of a new international urban planning language? We ask Tim Beatley, author and professor of sustainable communities at the University of Virginia, to tell us more about the global Biophilic Cities Project.

Citizen Science

This Valentine’s Day is for the birds

Do you like birds? (Sure you do!) Do you know how to count? (It’s ok if you need to use your fingers.) If your answer is “yes” on both fronts, there’s a global citizen science project this Valentine's Day that you should scope out -- the 17th Annual Great Backyard Bird Count.

Step Aside, Tuscany

Could the Columbia Gorge offer European-style town-to-town hiking?

The Columbia Gorge is already one of the world's best places to visit, according to National Geographic Traveler. Now we're upscaling this destination with a world-class vision: meet the Gorge Town to Trails Project, aimed at creating a European-style town-to-town hiking model like Italy’s Cinque Terre -- right here in the Pacific Northwest.

From Alliance to Action

Social capital, synergy, and next steps at the Intertwine Spring Summit

Ecosystem services are too often understood as simply putting a dollar value on nature. But the real power of this framework is its ability to bolster the case for conservation action -- thinking that's already practically mainstream here in The Intertwine. And the most exciting part of our work has just begun.