The gray-haired conservationist

How I answer the question of legacy

"Who is going to keep this going when you’re dead?” This might not be a question conservationists hear every day. But it's something that all of us in the Intertwine (not just those of us with gray hair) should probably ask ourselves more often.

Green Time

Can research prove nature's healing power?

Here in The Intertwine, most of us suspect that getting outside is a healthy thing. What we may not know is that new research validates the link between health and nature. Here's some of the pioneering work that suggests “Green Time” should be integrated with our healthcare system.

Pearl of Clackamas

Wheels are turning in Oregon City

Within 10 years, plans to open Willamette Falls (North America's second largest waterfall by volume) to tourism could prove one of the biggest boons for destination cycling in the Northwest. But some changes for Intertwine cyclists are nearer at hand.

Morgan Rider

Going viral in The Intertwine

How to make multimedia storytelling your secret weapon

When the goal is to sway beliefs and behaviors among disparate groups and people, great storytelling can often have more influence than fact and reason. Today's multimedia technology is creating new possibilities for how we tell those stories.

Cassie Cohen

Right to fish

Voices from Portland Harbor environmental justice communities

Logan hopes one day, when he has kids, he can take them fishing at Portland Harbor. As plans evolve for the Superfund site's cleanup, voices from community members like Logan should be heard alongside those of the potentially responsible parties.

Choose your EcoChallenge

Moving America beyond "Middle Green"

82% of Americans have good green intentions but only 16% are acting on these values. How do we move the 66% past the "Say-Do Gap"? Later this month, we're launching a fun two-week challenge to mobilize the Middle Green into action.


East Multnomah gears up for a new kind of tourism

Getting me back on my bike after a 15-year hiatus wasn’t simply the result of peer pressure. As CEO of the Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce, I'm going to need lots of firsthand experience as the cities of East Multnomah County gear up for our brand new Bicycle Tourism Initiative.