Follow the birds to Jackson Bottom

Head west from Portland for one wild and wonderful watershed

The Tualatin River watershed practically defines Washington County’s 700 square miles. Yet for many Intertwine residents, the river, floodplain and valley west of Portland and over the Tualatin Mountains go largely undetected. This history- and species-rich region includes three Audubon Important Bird Areas -- one of them being Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve.

Fall means fútbol in our parks

Across The Intertwine, social changes shape our sports fields

For immigrants like me, there is only one fall season sport that matters: soccer, or fútbol, as Spanish-speakers call it. But competition for available space in our parks, compounded at times by language barriers, different expectations, and lack of awareness of park rules, can result in tense situation. This tension now seems to be declining, and here's why.

The politics of parks

For decades, conservation advocates in the Portland/Vancouver region have relied on ballot measures and levies to build our urban wilderness. Ours is a history of hard-won victories and heart-sinking defeats. To understand what it takes to protect The Intertwine, we research the past, and question the future.

Just under the surface

Metro wildlife volunteers help monitor a sensitive native amphibian

Metro wildlife monitoring volunteers are amazing people. Willingly, these dedicated folks suit up in chest waders and step into chilly February ponds in search of jelly-like amphibian egg masses. Who are these volunteers? You'll know them by their smiles, and spatulas.

Doctor’s Orders: Get Out and Play

The warning signs are obvious: America’s children aren’t healthy. Parked on sofas, fingers reaching for snacks, eyes glued to digital screens, our children are increasingly at risk for cardiovascular disease, joint problems, pre-diabetes and more. Luckily, there’s a prescription for change here in The Intertwine. Since 2008, local pediatricians, parks and health care providers have teamed up for innovative new way to get kids up and moving: Rx Play.

A River Runs Through Us

A podcast series aims to chart a forward course for Willamette restoration

Over centuries, Oregon's often fraught history has shaped the Willamette River: seen by some as a major source of life-giving food and materials; for others, as an engine of commerce and industry. We will never be able to rewind history, but there is new hope that together, we can work to bring the lower Willamette back to a healthy state.

Inviting Mr. Olmsted

110 years later, Terwilliger Parkway celebrates a new milestone in the architect's plan

In 1903, landscape architect John Charles Olmsted advised Portland to develop a SW greenway “as soon as possible, lest its course be interfered with by the erection of dwellings and by rising values of the land near the city.” 110 years later, Terwilliger Parkway still cuts a scenic swath through urban Portland -- and supporters continue to celebrate new milestones in realizing Olmsted's original vision.