Scenic Bikeways and Bottom Lines

Oregon bike tourists impact more than singletrack

One-of-a-kind programs like Oregon Scenic Bikeways encourage bike tourists from around the world to pedal $1.1 million per day back into Oregon's economy. Now you can help Travel Oregon and its partners better understand the impact of our Scenic Bikeways -- and inform the growth of this unique program throughout our state. 

Project Wild Thing

The U.K.’s “Marketing Director for Nature” brings his pitch to The Intertwine

David Bond wants to sell you something. He’ll say anything, really. As long as it gets you and your kids outdoors. In an Intertwine Q&A, Britain's "Marketing Director for Nature" explains why he's bringing his sales pitch and new film Project Wild Thing to the States, in a bid to convince Americans to trade their screen time for Wild Time.

Find your wild in Cascade Locks

One thousand years after (legend has it) the gods crossed the Columbia River via land bridge near the modern town of Cascade Locks, ambitions here surge again. Today, this Intertwine community aims to transform itself into nothing less than one of North America's top destinations for paddling, biking, sailing, and hiking.

Portland Park Jeopardy

Take the quiz that tests your park love

Did you know that just four percent of our park system's annual repair and replacement needs are covered by Portland Parks & Recreation's tiny budget? Or that our last parks bond measure (passed 20 years ago!) is about to expire? In November, voters can make sure that Portland doesn’t lose ground -- or playgrounds. Test your park love now with this special edition of “Park Jeopardy.”

Trails for everyone

Mapping an Intertwine for hikers with disabilities

Living in Portland, I feel fortunate to be surrounded by natural beauty, great hiking, and outdoor resources all around me. But as a wheelchair user, I also feel frustration. Where’s the information I need to access these hiking opportunities? 

Project YESS gets three thumbs up

These teenage crew members work for more than green

Thanks to a new Metro partnership, Project YESS at Mount Hood Community College is doubling the number of youth we hire for our immersive, intensive outdoor work crews. We’re thrilled. But what do the young people think? We asked three crew members -- Lexi, Brad and Hanna, all 19 -- about their job and what it means to them.

Quilting with Overlook Bluff

An urban patch of white oak habitat needs stitching

This spring, I followed a pair of red-tailed hawks, courting in the updrafts, and found their nest perched within a sliver of North Portland urban wilderness.  There is much to steward here at Overlook Bluff, from a 150-year-old heritage tree to the land that surrounds it: an irreplaceable patch of rare Oregon white oak habitat.