Nadaka Nature Park Plants Roots

An idea sounds far-fetched. Then a few more people latch onto the vision, and a few more. That's the story of Nadaka Nature Park, just five years ago a neglected 10-acre patch near NE Glisan Street in Gresham. But in a groundbreaking ceremony last week, this beautiful park has new life, thanks to passionate neighbors, conservation groups, public agencies, and three Metro Nature in Neighborhoods grants.

Infinite possibilities

The trail loop that could chart a new path for NW Oregon

Imagine you're at a trails conference, looking at a wall of real-time video feeds. Each screen shows a hiker: one on snow-capped Mt. Hood; another at the Gorge's famous Vista Point; one watches seals from an Astoria pier; and another is deep in the Salmonberry River canyon. Imagine all these hikers are on the same trail: the Infinity Loop!

Stewards, not subduers

Why one church joined The Intertwine Alliance

At South Park Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship, we believe that an entity that professes to honor the Creator cannot condone desecrating the Creation. That's why our members work for social justice and the care and renewal of the earth -- and why our church joined The Intertwine Alliance on principle.

Geese, meet these guys!

Border collies humanely herd excessive grazers

Over the past 20 years, the North American Canada goose population has quadrupled to over 4 million, crowding out native wildlife and raising animal and urban ecosystem health concerns. How can we handle these nuisance neighbors humanely? At Geese Guys LLC, we believe we've got the answer.

Oregon's Watershed Moment

Secure state funding means OWEB is ready for big-picture thinking

In 2010, Oregon voters overwhelmingly passed Ballot Measure 76, which permanently dedicated 7.5 percent of lottery funds to the  Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) for watershed conservation across the state. Now, with OWEB's grant-making future more secure, we’re positioned for some big-picture thinking. 

Battle over Bull Run

Drowned out by Measure 26-156 hype: the green programs Portland voters could lose

On May 20th, Portland will decide whether to transfer control of our Water Bureau and BES — and their $15 billion in public assets — to the future board members of a new, independent water district. When you vote on Measure 26-156, eleven of our partners urge you to consider the environmental programs that its passage might jeopardize.

The nature of hospitals

For Legacy Health, it’s go time for green time research

Legacy Health's eleven therapeutic gardens build on pioneering research proving that a window view of nature helps surgery patients recover. Now, the Legacy Research Institute is breaking new ground with a study series on why, exactly, a daily dose of nature benefits patients, their families, and even health care workers.