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Peninsula Crossing Trail

The 3.5-mile Peninsula Crossing Trail crosses the North Portland peninsula between the Willamette and Columbia rivers. The pedestrian and bike path connects urban neighborhoods to workplaces, schools and regionally significant natural areas -- Willamette Cove on the south and Smith and Bybee Wetlands Natural Area on the north. There are a number of art pieces along the trail that were installed through the One Percent for the Arts public art program, and include seats carved out of Columbia River Basalt on the railheads.


North Portland Willamette Greenway

The North Portland Greenway is a partially completed trail system providing access to and along the Willamette River enveloping the north riverfront from the Steel Bridge in downtown Portland to Cathedral Park near the St. Johns Bridge and extending through Baltimore Woods to Kelley Point Park. Visit the npGreenway website for a detailed map of the route.



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