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Bryant Woods Nature Park Trails

Bryant Woods Nature Park contains a small wet meadow, a forested upland area, and a stream fed by natural springs. It is connected to the Tualatin River shoreline by the adjacent Canal Acres Natural Area, and is accessible from the small parking area off of Childs Road and from the north via Centerwood Street. The river greenway and the habitat types in this park host a variety of wildlife, particularly birds. An unpaved loop trail rings the park and several spur trails visit the wetland the western park of the park.

Bridal Veil Falls State Scenic Viewpoint Trails

The park features two different trails: an upper walking/interpretive trail and a lower hiking trail to the falls (120' tall). The upper trail takes visitors around the precipice of the cliffs of the Gorge. Sign boards along the trail point out distinctive native wild plants that grow abundantly in this area such as camas, lupine, bead lilly, trillium and bleeding heart. The trail is fenced beautifully with logged beams and wire to protect visitors along the viewpoint while maximizing every vantage point of the magnificent view of the Gorge.

Blue Lake Regional Park Trails

Whether you are looking for a place to have a picnic, host an event or just cool off in the water from the summer sun, Metro’s Blue Lake Regional Park offers it all in a unique, family-friendly setting.

The tree-lined park provides opportunities for boating, fishing and wildlife watching and makes a beautiful backdrop for family gatherings, community events and special programs throughout the year.


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