Engage With The Alliance 

It takes hearts, hands and minds to build The Intertwine’s 3,000 square miles of parks, trails and natural areas. This is the work of The Intertwine Alliance—a unique coalition of 130+ public, private and nonprofit organizations in the Portland/Vancouver region.

Through the organizing framework of Collective Impact, we identify priority work areas, set goals and guide progress.

Focus areas we're working in include Active Transportation, Conservation Education, Conservation, Economic Development, Equity, Health & Nature, Public Engagement/Our Common Ground Campaign, Youth Engagement, Urban Forestry and the Regional System of Parks, Trails and Natural Areas. 

Check back here for frequent updates, resources and calendar items, as we shape a positive new future for The Intertwine, powered by you.

September 2014 -- Intertwine Alliance staff have pulled together an initial group to form the core of a Communications Advisory Committee, with a first meeting scheduled for Oct. 10. This committee will help us develop strategy for rolling out the Our Common Ground Campaign and other marketing/messaging-related activities.

September 2014 -- The Oak Mapping Project is a partnership of The Intertwine Alliance, Portland metropolitan area parks and natural resource agencies, non-governmental organizations and others working to develop better maps showing the distribution of Oregon white oak across the region. This summer the working group engaged volunteers to create a ground-truthed map to better understand habitat distribution. The Oakquest citizen science project is finishing up with a celebration at NAYA on October 9.

September 2014 -- An Intertwine Alliance group working on sub-regional strategies for  implementing the Regional Conservation Strategy met on September 23. Renee Myers of Forest Park Conservancy and Kathleen Brennan Hunter of Metro presented. The group agreed to put together an RFP to hire someone to identify current and potential funding options for conservation plans.