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Discover the Burnt Bridge Creek Greenway

Called the green jewel in the heart of Vancouver, Burnt Bridge Creek Greenway Trail truly is an amazing swath of green infrastructure. With a series of apved, shared use trails, it continues for nearly eight miles past some of the best wild areas in Vancouver — from wetlands to heavy forest to open grassland. The location, right in the middle of the city, makes it all easily accessible from a number of different trailheads and many neighborhoods, either by foot or bicycle.

The 4T Trail: Portland's Train, Trail, Tram and Trolley Experience

Take a hike on the 4T Trail — enjoy a brisk hike among the trees from the Zoo to Council Crest and then to the Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU), where you will glide down the hill in the aerial Tram overlooking scenic views of the river and SW Portland, board the Trolley to the heart of Downtown, and ride the Train back to your car to complete the loop.

A Summer Walk at Tualatin National Wildlife Refuge

The refuge, located 15 miles south of Portland, is home to a variety of habitats including remnant and restored communities along the river, forested wetlands, riparian forests, oak and pine meadows and grasslands, and deciduous/coniferous forests. In the early 1990s, local citizens proposed the preservation of open space along the bottomlands of the Tualatin River.


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