The Intertwine Alliance

Who We Are

The Intertwine Alliance is a coalition of 150+ public, private and nonprofit organizations working to integrate nature more deeply into the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan region.

What We Do

As a convener, facilitator, communicator and backbone organization, The Intertwine Alliance supports strategic conversations, initiatives and collaborative projects that help our partners increase their impact.

It is our intention that The Intertwine Alliance includes, represents, and serves the full cultural and demographic diversity of the region. The Alliance is a positive force in helping our community achieve racial equity, and we serve and support our partners in becoming more culturally responsive. By becoming a partner in The Alliance, you join with others who are growing in their understanding and capacity to address equity in their organizations and in the community as a whole. 

In order to avoid competing with our nonprofit partners, The Intertwine Alliance does not accept contributions from individuals. We also avoid competing with partners for grant funding. Instead, we depend on partner contributions to sustain our work. Partner dues make up about 2/3 of The Intertwine Alliance’s operating budget.

Finding Our Common Ground

A few years ago, we realized that all of our greatest achievements had one thing in common. Whether launching a natural area acquisition initiative, completing a new trail, or opening a major new park, behind every major success stood a coalition of public, private and nonprofit organizations and leaders. So, we thought, rather than put this coalition together each time we want to do something big, why not put it together and keep it together and keep doing big things?

So that’s what we’ve done.

We welcome you to learn more about The Intertwine Alliance's focus areas -- and, if your organization hasn't done so yet, to join The Alliance!


Partners in The Intertwine Alliance share a collective vision for a thriving, multi-jurisdictional, interconnected system of neighborhood, community and regional parks, natural areas, trails, open spaces, educational programming, and recreation opportunities distributed equitably throughout the Portland-Vancouver region.

The region-wide system known as The Intertwine:

  • Drives the region’s economy and tourist trade
  • Preserves significant natural areas for wildlife habitat and public use
  • Enhances the region’s air and water quality
  • Promotes citizens’ health, fitness and personal well-being
  • Connects the region’s communities with trails and greenways
  • Provides sense of place and community
  • Achieves equity, including racial equity
  • Supports an ecologically sustainable metropolitan area
  • Support residents in lifelong learning about and stewardship of nature
  • Reduces, mitigates and help us adapt to climate change