Welcome to Our Common Ground

See Mount Hood? Cross the Columbia? Hike Scouters’ Mountain or fish Battle Ground Lake? You’re in The Intertwine, and it’s making your life better. From health and happiness, to wealth and work. From teaching our children to transporting their parents. The Intertwine is enjoyed by diverse groups of people in wildly different ways. Yet we can all agree on the rich returns of our shared investments. Everyone benefits from salmon in our streams, safer public spaces, clean air to breathe and savings in the bank. We all feel better when nature intertwines with our communities. 

The Intertwine isn’t just our region’s network of parks, trails and natural areas. It’s a redefinition of where we live. Instead of two states, six counties, and 32 cities, it’s a shared landscape of 2 mountain ranges, five watersheds, innumerable species of plants, trees, and wildlife, and 37 annual inches of cool, clean rain. The Intertwine is an idea that can bring us together. The Intertwine is our Common Ground.

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