The Intertwine Alliance Partners

The Intertwine Alliance unites a broad coalition of public agencies, private businesses and nonprofits to celebrate, protect and improve the region's network of outdoor places and trails. As partners in The Intertwine Alliance, we work side-by-side toward a common mission. By joining forces, we boost our effectiveness to increase investment in our parks, expand conservation efforts, and create a healthier community.

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Stewardship Focused Partners

Developing uniform guidelines for information about hiking trails and outdoor recreational facilities that would benefit hikers with disabilities - FIND GUIDELINES

Transforming Mt. Hood National Forest into a place where natural processes prevail, where wildlife thrives and where local communities have a social cultural, and economic investment - EMPOWER YOUR BARK

Restoring Salmon Creek Watershed through a volunteer restoration program - VOLUNTEER

Fostering action to protect, enhance, restore and revitalize the 60 miles of waterways, wetlands, and slow moving channels that make up the Columbia Slough - PADDLE THE SLOUGH




Providing the Vancouver community with a unique setting where educational experiences foster a greater awareness of the natural world, inspiring stewardship - EXPLORE, EXPERIENCE, LEARN

Working to preserve the Baltimore Woods corridor in St. Johns for people and wildlife - BEFRIEND A UNIQUE OPEN SPACE

Working to transform and care for 35 acres of under-used land into a regional asset that provides open space and recreational opportunities in the Gateway District - VISIT GATEWAY GREEN

Working in partnership with Portland Parks & Recreation to conserve, maintain and enhance the historical, natural, and recreational resources of Marquam Nature Park - FIND OUT ABOUT MARQUAM'S UNIQUE HISTORY 

Improving and helping maintain Mt. Tabor Park for the benefit of individuals, organizations, and the Park Bureau - PLAY IN THE PARK


Striving to successfully remove invasive species from this special oak woodland habitat with help from the community - VISIT NOB HILL NATURE PARK

 Preserving, protecting & enhancing the Peninsula Park Rose Garden as a heritage resource for all generations - VISIT THE GARDEN

Supporting, protecting, and enhancing the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge and its wildlife habitat - EXPLORE ENVIRONMENTAL & CULTURAL OPPORTUNITIES AT THE REFUGE 

Protecting the natural character and scenic beauty of the Terwilliger Parkway corridor - VISIT THE PARKWAY

Bringing people in the Portland-Vancouver metro area together to plant and care for trees and green spaces - PLANT A TREE, CREATE AN URBAN FOREST

Conserving and enhancing the natural resources and promoting educational, interpretive and recreational programs of Tryon Creek State Natural Area – BEFRIEND THE FOREST

Envisioning a healthy and sustained nature park for the enjoyment of current and future generations through the active support of a concerned community - COME JOIN US


The official volunteer organization supporting the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge - VISIT THE REFUGE

Providing interpretive education on wetlands and wildlife, panoramic views, water quality, weather, natural resource management, trails, bird watching, and recreation at the Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve in Hillsboro - VISIT US

Inspiring and facilitating community investment in the Johnson Creek Watershed for the protection and enhancment of its natural resources - INVEST, RESTORE, INSPIRE 

Bringing together a diverse group of cyclists, dedicated to creating, enhancing and protecting natural surface trails in NW Oregon and SW Washington - RIDE SOME SINGLE TRACK

Providing safe, reliable and affordable energy in an environmentally responsible way to better the lives of the public they serve, since 1859. PLUG IN 

Developing, maintaining, and promoting a networked system of trails in and around Oregon City to encourage personal health and safety, environmental stewardship, and economic vibrancy.

A nonprofit partnership of individuals and organizations working cooperatively to improve the health of the Sandy River watershed for fish, wildlife and people - Working Together to Restore the Sandy River

Working in conjunction with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Oregon State Parks, and Metro Parks and Greenspaces to promote natural areas, restore wetlands and improve wildlife habitat and natural recreation areas on Sauvie Island.

Oregon - Own It. Love It. Solve It. Bringing Oregonians together to improve the environment and build a legacy of stewardship – JOIN THE SOLVE SOLUTION


Supporting walking and biking in southwest Portland - GO FOR A GROUP HIKE


Stimulating the knowledge and love of gardening, protecting native plants and birds, encouraging civic beauty, and improving the environment through conservation and education programs - VISIT A GARDEN

Restoring, protecting, and enhancing the ecological health and function of our unique urban watershed - EXPLORE THE WATERSHED

Working to protect and restore Oregon’s Tualatin River System - PROTECT, RESTORE, ENJOY, EDUCATE, LEAD

Bringing together and engaging the community to rejuvenate Vancouver's natural spaces and urban places - JOIN THE DRAGONFLY PATROL

Providing experimental education and encounters with Pacific wild salmon to connect students and adults with nature and empower community engagement - CONNECT TO SALMON

Conservation & Education Focused Partners

Taking local action toward a healthy and abundant world - TAKE ACTION

Safeguarding the natural environment by promoting responsible human activities and sustainable communities in the Pacific Northwest - LEARN ABOUT OUR VISION

Bringing together youth with limited opportunities to make art - CHANNEL YOUR CREATIVITY

Inspiring personal connection to nature and community - BE A BETTER STEWARD

Working to permanently conserve, restore, and manage signature landscapes, vital habitats, and working farms and forests of the Columbia River region - EXPLORE PROTECTED HABITATS

Emerging organization with a mission of bringing streams of thought, action and people together to make the environmental movement more robust, inclusive and effective - Join the Confluence

Promoting the transformation of over-paved places; engaging & inspiring communities to reconnect urban landscapes to nature through the reduction of pavement - FREE YOUR SOIL!

Telling stories of people who are protecting the Earth - FIND & SHARE FILMS ON ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES & SOLUTIONS

Providing educational programming to help keep watersheds clean, conserving water and maintaining healthy soil - ATTEND A NATURESCAPING WORKSHOP


Inspiring students to develop an appreciation for their local environment and community through the exploration of Northwest ecology - LEARN ABOUT OUR PROGRAMS

Cultivating excellence in environmental education - LEARN AND JOIN

Committed to preserving the Outdoor School experience for all students regardless of a student's ability, experience, income or background – FOSTERING THE NEXT GENERATION OF ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDS

Restoring and protecting natural habitat, wetlands, and seven streams within the River View Natural Area's interior habitat preserve - RAISE YOUR AWARENESS

Protecting the scenic, natural, cultural, and recreational resources of the Columbia River Gorge - LET FRIENDS GUIDE YOU TO SPECIAL PLACES IN THE COLUMBIA GORGE

Promoting environmental literacy as a vehicle to creating stronger civic engagement - a supporting organization of The Oregon Community Foundation working to promote effective philanthropy and to improve the lives of Oregonians - SEE OUR WORK

Connecting diverse organizations in a collaborative network, multiplying the collective capacity to educate for a more sustainable future - PROMOTE SUSTAINABILITY

The primary non-profit in the Portland metro area focused on redeveloping brownfields into greenspace, parks, community gardens, and multi-purpose sites - LEARN ABOUT OUR GREENFIELDS

A 140-acre privately-owned forest, managed by Forests Forever Inc., open to the public for self-guided exploration, tours, workshops, and education programs - JOIN US FOR COMMUNITY FORESTRY DAYS

Working in partnership with Portland Parks & Recreation to support the Arboretum’s plant collection and to provide education about plant ecosystems, gardening and conservation - EXPLORE THE ARBORETUM

Maintaining and enhancing Leach Botanical Garden's living collections of plants for education, research and conservation to preserve the legacy of John and Lilla Leach - VISIT THE GARDEN FOR AN EVENT OR A CLASS

Providing extraordinary Latino theatre, culture, and arts education experiences for the enrichment of all communities since 1985 - AUTHENTIC, VIBRANT, PROVOCATIVE 

Inspiring young people to realize their power individually and collectively and to mentor future justice leaders - COACH EMERGING LEADERS

Advancing the understanding and stewardship of the earth through science, education and exploration of volcanic landscapes - EXPLORE THE LANDSCAPE

Dedicated to preserving the quality of life in West Linn through the preservation of one of the last White Oak Savannas in the Portland Metro Area as a natural park - Neighbors Working in the Community for the Community

Helping make change more possible, more social, and more fun by connecting people with their communities and taking action, together - DISCOVER CHANGE, TOGETHER

To provide opportunities for youth and young adults to learn, grow, and experience success - FIND OPPORTUNITIES

Building and maintaining horse camps and trails for Oregon - COME RIDE WITH US

The wildest place in Oregon, the 64-acre Oregon Zoo is a rich ecosystem of conservation, animal care and enrichment, and education - DISCOVER THE ZOO

Providing residents with clean river programs including water quality protection, wastewater treatment, stormwater management, watershed restoration and sewer installation - FIND OUT ABOUT GREEN STREETS

Inspiring imagination, creativity and the wonder of learning in children and adults by inviting moments of shared discovery - VISIT THE MUSEUM

PSU's Institute for Sustainable Solutions serves as a hub for sustainable research, curriculum and co-curricular activities across campus - VISIT THE INSTITUTE FOR SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS

Creating cultural and environmental resilience through the education of earth-based arts, traditions and technologies - ATTEND A REWILD WORKSHOP

Educating youth about food, farming and the land through hands-on activities at Sauvie Island's Howell Territorial Park - TAKE A FIELD TRIP TO THE CENTER

Educating, encouraging, and soliciting active participation in the wise use of the back country resource by horsemen and the general public commensurate with their heritage - EXPLORE THE OUTBACK

 Promoting the understanding, enjoyment, and protection of native birds, other wildlife, and their habitats; focusing on our local community and the Pacific Northwest; inspiring people to love & protect nature since 1902 – LEARN TO BIRD(watch)

Learning, serving, and leading deep engagement with the self and the world - PURSUE A RICHER EDUCATION

Working with communities, government and business partners, striving to balance economic and environmental goals- Saving America's Favorite Places

 Maintaining, preserving, protecting and improving the City of Portland's Forest Park – DISCOVER THE FOREST

Protecting and restoring the lower Columbia River estuary by advancing science, protecting ecosystems and building connections through education and volunteer opportunities - LEARN ABOUT WETLAND HABITATS


 Conserving land for everyone to enjoy as parks, gardens, and other natural places as the nation's leader in creating city parks and raising money for local conservation – FIND PLACES THAT HAVE BEEN PRESERVED

Collaborating organizations existing to support connections with nature and wilderness in children and young people - JOIN US ON THE JOURNEY!

Protecting natural resources in Washington County agriculture, forestry, and urban areas cooperatively with landowners and partners through conservation planning, practices, and education - FIND RESOURCES 

Ensuring that parks, regional trail systems, greenways and green spaces are integrated with the built environment in the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan region; and promoting urban green space efforts nationally and internationally – LEARN ABOUT ECOSYSTEM SERVICES

Urban Nature Partners PDX empowers youth in underserved areas of Portland through building long term mentoring relationships and providing access to meaningful outdoor experiences - FIND OUT ABOUT YOUTH MENTORING 

Working to conserve, protect and enhance fish, wildlife, plants and their habitats for the continuing benefit of all – EXPLORE HABITATS AROUND THE REGION


Promoting the wisdom of nature's design through education, involvement, stewardship, enjoyment, and advocacy - LEARN ABOUT THE BIRDS


Connecting emergent and multicultural communities to the epic outdoor lifestyle of the Pacific NW- COME SEE


Turning restoration into recreation- GET ENGAGED

Helping residents of West Multnomah County improve the health of their land, forest, livestock and horses, wildlife, stream quality and landscapes - LEARN ABOUT OUR LAND MANAGEMENT WORKSHOPS





Building resilience, both in natural ecosystems and in the communities that depend on them - IMPROVE CONSERVATION OUTCOMES

Engaging young people and inspiring learning through the art, science and craft of building wooden boats - Paddle On!

Recording and preserving traditional cultural values, oral history, prophesy and other messages of guidance from indigenous elders in order to regenerate the greatness of culture among today’s and future generations of native peoples - LISTEN TO THEIR STORIES

Educating and informing the people about the world's forests and trees, and environmental sustainability - CLIMB A TREE

Community Health Focused Partners

Working in partnership with citizens, businesses, community groups, government agencies, and elected officials to create communities where people can meet their daily transportation needs on a bike - GO BY BIKE

Providing surface water management, wastewater collection & treatment and biosolids reuse for seven cities and several unincorporated areas in Clackamas County - SEE WHAT WE'RE DOING FOR WATERSHED HEALTH

Bringing creative problem solving, innovation and the ability to bridge traditional barriers to advance synergy between management, technology, public policy and the environment - LEARN ABOUT OUR PROJECTS

Providing clean water and healthy rivers and streams through innovative wastewater/stormwater services, flood management, water quality and stream enhancement projects, fish habitat protection and more – BE A CLEAN WATER HERO

Working with the Southwest Washington community to maintain and improve quality of life, economic health, rural lands, sustainable farming practices and transportation options - BECOME A FRIEND OF CLARK COUNTY 

Creating a thriving environment for business and community by building partnerships, delivering targeted transportation programs, and fostering economic vitality - CONNECT WITH LLOYD

Unconventional, relationship-centered and adaptable adventure education that gets people to the guts of better living by breaking with the routine -BE BRAVE

Organizing weekly hikes to support parents in getting out at least once a week to walk in nature with their babies - GET WALKING

Transforming Portland’s relationship with the Willamette River through education, advocacy, and stewardship - JOIN THE BIG FLOAT

Promoting healthy communities and active lifestyles - THRIVE 

Serving as a role model of good health and good citizenship, being progressive in our thinking and actions, being good stewards of our resources, ensuring access to care for all, and treating all people with respect and compassion - HEAL THE ENVIRONMENT

Working with communities, businesses and residents as the elected regional government to make the Portland metropolitan area a great place to live, work and enjoy the outdoors - MAKING A GREAT PLACE

Providing the highest value insurance and business services, distinguished by exceptional customer service - HEALTHCARE FROM YOUR HEAD TO YOUR TOES

Building a future Oregon where the places we live, work, learn and play support a vibrant community of healthy people - IMPROVE THE HEALTH OF OREGONIANS

Empowering citizens to care for their health, the environment, & their communities. GET ENGAGED

Devoted to religious, educational and humanitarian purposes.

Empowering public participation in civic affairs and improvement in the character and livability of neighborhoods - ENHANCE YOUR COMMUNITY

Providing public transportation in the Portland metropolitan area and working to preserve the things that make this region special, like our thriving urban centers, clean air, walkable neighborhoods and our spirit of sustainability - SEE WHERE IT TAKES YOU

Advocating for all Oregonians– whether urban or rural – to have access to healthy food and opportunities for physical activity - UPSTREAM SOLUTIONS

Advocating for a healthy economic environment on the Westside of Portland by providing a common voice on local, regional and state issues - SEE WHAT WE'RE WORKING ON

Working directly with employers and employees to enhance economic opportunity, improve health, and foster a livable community via transportation options- LEARN MORE

Park System Partners

Advocating & promoting a system of connected recreational trails in the Portland Metro Area, and pursuing the completion of the 40-Mile Trail Around Portland - LEARN ABOUT THE LOOP

Providing recreation and sports opportunities and programs for residents of all ages - BE A PARKS & RECREATION HERO

Planning, designing and constructing new parks, trails and sports fields in Clark County - CHECK OUT THE GREATER CLARK PARKS

Helping people make decisions about how they get to and around the park, and making sure they have what they need to make their visit enjoyable - COME EXPLORE

Serving about 748,000 residents with health and human services, public safety, libraries and other community services - EXPLORE MULTNOMAH COUNTY

Providing a system of safe, accessible parks and a diverse range of recreational and social services that enhance personal health, quality of life, and sense of community - DISCOVER WAYS TO GET INVOLVED PARKS


Envisioning a trail system providing access to and along the Willamette River’s north riverfront from the Steel Bridge to Kelley Point Park - FROM THE ESPLANADE TO THE COLUMBIA

Serving the people of Oregon by protecting, managing, and promoting stewardship of Oregon's forests to enhance environmental, economic, and community sustainability - LEARN ABOUT OREGON'S FORESTS

Providing and protecting outstanding natural, scenic, cultural, historic and recreational sites for the enjoyment and education of present and future generations - GET INVOLVED

Preserving and enhancing Oregon’s outstanding natural, scenic, cultural, historic and recreational sites for the enjoyment of present and future generations - LEARN ABOUT OUR SUCCESSES & INITIATIVES

Providing care to more than 10,000 acres of parks and natural areas, and offering thousands of programs for all ages at community centers, swim pools and other recreation facilities - BECOME A COMMUNITY LEADER

Maintaining the 357 acres of parkland and open space within the city limits, providing safe areas to meet the daily leisure needs of residents - HELP OUR NATURAL ENVIRONMENT & GIVE BACK TO YOUR COMMUNITY


A fun place to play. Discover Gresham's outstanding recreational opportunities - TEAM UP WITH YOUR COMMUNITY


Dedicated to providing diverse, innovative and exceptional recreational and cultural opportunities that enrich the lives of our citizens - NATURE, INSPIRATION, CULTURE, ADVENTURE

Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation provides excellence in building community, enriching lives, and caring for the urban and natural environment - GET INVOLVED

 Striving to create recreation, leisure and cultural opportunities by providing high quality parks, facilities, programming and support services to people of all ages - GET INVOLVED

Providing a variety of options for recreation with more than 300 acres of parks, greenways and natural areas; while protecting the area’s natural beauty and providing valuable wildlife habitat - GET INVOLVED

Providing more than 600 acres of park land: active-oriented parks for sports, picnicking, and playing on playgrounds and passive-oriented parks for walking, biking, and watching wildlife - SUPPORT YOUR PARK SYSTEM

Recognized as a Tree City, USA for almost a decade, the community strives to maintain its natural beauty while accommodating new residents and businesses - GET INVOLVED IN YOUR COMMUNITY

 The National Park Service’s Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program, RTCA, provides technical assistance to communities to conserve rivers, preserve open space, and develop trails and greenways - GET INVOLVED

Supporting organizations working to enhance the parks, trails and recreation programs of Clark County and ensuring the vibrancy of our community by inspiring children of all ages to connect with nature - JOIN A NATURE EXPLORE CLUB

Engaging the community in support of Portland's parks and recognizing that government agencies alone are not able to guarantee us the vibrant network of parks and park programs that are our rich heritage - LEAVE A LEGACY

 Providing high-quality park and recreation facilities, programs, services and natural areas that meet the needs of the diverse communities it serves - HELP MAKE YOUR COMMUNITY A BETTER PLACE TO PLAY

Providing innovative leadership and expertise to ensure environmental protection, public safety, perpetual funding for schools and communities, and a rich quality of life

Outdoor Industry & Corporate Partners

Creating active communities where bicycling and walking are safe, healthy and fun - LEARN ABOUT OUR INNOVATION IN TRANSPORTATION AND RECREATION

Committing to high-quality, cost-effective, and innovative solutions that protect public life safety, foster environmental stewardship, and promote sustainable development practices - STRATEGIZE WITH US

Supporting businesses that give back to the community - HELP THE SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY GROW

Making the clothing and gear to help get you outside and keep you comfortable once you’re there - TRYING STUFF SINCE 1938

Striving to seek out ways to sustain the natural environment and shape the built environment, creating healthy living conditions that benefit people, communities and society - DESIGN A FUTURE WITH US

Elixir Environmental works with building product manufacturers to develop Health Product Declarations, Environmental Product Declarations, and Life Cycle Assessments  - ACCESS SERVICES

Guiding integrated decision-making, developing innovative and workable solutions that inform development and restoration projects based on sound science, policy, and planning - SEE THE WORK

Helping the broader community through 100% donations of profits to the local non-profits and providing a welcoming place to eat, drink, and gather - EAT, DRINK, AND DO GOOD

Integrating marketing, media, and creative strategies for print, broadcast, retail, and the web in Portland and beyond - SEE OUR CREATIVE MEDIA

Reducing the impact of land development by assisting teams in the application of sustainable planning, design, construction, and maintenance principles - Sustainability for all the places between the buildings

A Portland based design firm specializing in landscape architecture and environmental design - EXPLORE OUR LANDSCAPES

A true hidden gem in the middle of Oregon’s fourth largest city, Historic Downtown Gresham offers a blend of over 150 destinations - VISIT GRESHAM

Providing architecture and construction engineering servies; built on technical excellence, creativity, dependability, and successful long-term relationships - EXPLORE OUR PROJECTS

Providing landscape architecture, urban design and visual communications services for the environments in which we live, work and play - EXPLORE OUR PROJECTS

Supporting infrastructure projects that enhance our region – from project management, permitting, design, and engineering through construction management - SEE OUR AWARD WINNING PROJECTS 


Providing engineering consulting and management services throughout Oregon, Washington and Idaho - QUALITY PEOPLE, WORK & RESULTS

Striving to take care of the environment while ensuring a reliable energy future - LEARN ABOUT OUR ENVIRONMENTAL INITIATIVES

Working with governments, nonprofits and the private sector to develop adaptive management systems that make efficient use of limited environmental investments - SEE OUR CASE STUDIES

Embracing the unconventional and striving to redefine and build artistically functional, fashionable, mixed outdoor urban apparel, inspired from fly fishing and the outdoors. Our product philosophy is balanced by nature and design - ART + FASHION + HUMANITY + FLY FISHING


Strengthening communities, urban and rural, through culture, heritage, and creativity - ENGAGE, COLLABORATE, AND INTEGRATE

Working with you to make a lasting difference around the world in more than 35 countries, all 50 states and your backyard - CONSERVE THE LANDS

Enhancing Oregonians' quality of life by strengthening economic impacts of the state's $2.9 billion tourism industry - EXPLORE OREGON

Strengthening the region's economy by marketing the metropolitan Portland region as a preferred destination for meetings, conventions, and leisure travel - EXPLORE THE REGION

Helping to shape some of the Pacific Northwest's most captivating built outdoor environments — we aim to provoke wonder, discovery and stewardship for our natural and social worlds - EXPLORE OUR LANDSCAPES

Partnering with local governments and businesses to reduce waste, recycle right, and use waste to generate renewable energy - MAKE THE PROMISE - TO MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE. RECYCLE OFTEN, RECYCLE RIGHT

Putting the principles of love, respect, honesty, responsibility and service into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all - BECOME A MEMBER