Meet Our Newest Partners

We're excited to announce the newest addition to The Intertwine Alliance. Say hello to the Friends of Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge, the Friends of the Columbia Gorge, the Portland Children's Museum, the Friends of Marquam Nature Park, and the Westside Economic Alliance.


Friends of Columbia Gorge is the only non-profit dedicated entirely to protecting the Columbia River Gorge. With over 5,000 members, Friends of the Columbia Gorge is uniquely suited to ensuring that the wild and beautiful Columbia Gorge remains a place apart, an unspoiled treasure for generations to come. Take a Flower Frenzy hike this spring

Friends of Columbia Gorge








The Portland Children's Museum  is the sixth oldest children’s museum in the country and each year the Museum welcomes more than 316,000 children. The Museum’s focus is one of hands-on, experience-based learning and the Museum itself features accessible program areas, a café and store, many large exhibit spaces, and a traveling exhibit hall and performance areas. Check out Storyland and lots of other fun programs at the Portland Children's Museum.

Portland Children's Museum





Friends of Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge support, protect, and enhance the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge and its wildlife habitat, and to broaden public awareness and participation in its environmental, cultural, and educational opportunities. Ridgefield NWR has a total of 5,150 acres of marshes, grasslands, and woodlands. If you haen't been, you've got to go birding at the refuge!

Friends of Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge


The Westside Economic Alliance is focused on the needs of the Westside of the Portland metropolitan region, which includes Washington County and western Clackamas County, and the cities of Beaverton, Cornelius, Forest Grove, Hillsboro, Sherwood, Tigard, Tualatin and Wilsonville. The Westside Economic Alliance is a proactive organization that invites private sector employers, non-profit organizations, and real estate developers to sit at the same table as community leaders to shape local public policy. The result is a unique partnership that benefits both the businesses and communities of the Westside.


Friends of Marquam Nature Park is a community-based volunteer organization working in partnership with Portland Parks & Recreation and others to conserve, maintain and enhance the historical, natural, and recreational resources of Marquam Nature Park and to educate the public about the park's unique natural and cultural history. Check out Marquam Nature Park.

Friends of Marquam Nature Park