Cycling the city on a cool August day

It's summertime. Intertwine partners are either knee deep in the high season at work, or off hiking and camping somewhere spectacular. In any case, WAY too busy to guest blog. So this week, we offer instead Oregonian columnist Steve Duin's entertaining take on the Aug. 14 policy maker ride, organized by Cycle Oregon and The Intertwine Alliance. 

Hopping the fence

Young activists transform Gresham neighborhood park

For years, kids in the Rockwood neighborhood of Gresham jumped the fence at what they call Snake Park to play soccer on an abandoned roller rink. In 2014, two local youth took matters into their own hands, forming the Rockwood Initiative and gaining the attention and funding needed to build an official futsal court for the community. 

Why did the turtle cross the road?

ODFW's new Turtle Guide has the answer!

Our two native turtle species are in a bit of a pickle. To address growing demand for proven turtle-helping techniques, the Oregon Native Turtle Working Group recently released a handbook of recommended best methods for creating suitable turtle habitat and for minimizing harmful impacts during projects. The new guide will tell you what to do when you find a turtle crossing the road -- and much, much more!

An East Portland oasis

Changes blooming at Leach Botanical Garden

Leach Botanical Garden, the only cultural amenity of its kind in Portland east of 82nd Avenue, holds a fascinating place in the history of biology. And now, with heavy hitters engaged to design a new Upper Garden, its public heritage and role in the community is evolving. Here's your chance to chime in on design concepts from a tree walk three stories high to a Siskiyou fen. 

Swim party with a purpose

River Huggers advocate for quality time in the Willamette

The River Hugger Swim Team is recruiting Willamette River enthusiasts to its green-capped ranks. As commuters over the Hawthorne Bridge might notice starting June 15, swimmers jump in at 7 a.m. three days a week for some exercise and fun -- and to spread the Human Access Project's gospel of river love.

Hey, there's an oak tree!

Mapping an imperiled Oregon species

More than 95 percent of oak-prairie habitat has disappeared from the Willamette Valley, mostly due to farming, urbanization and fire suppression. We don't have a good handle on where to find the remaining habitat in order to protect and restore it. That's where the 25+ partners of The Intertwine Alliance Oak Prairie Work Group come in. 

Design for and with unlikely partners

Superstars of industrial reuse

The Intertwine Alliance's Janet Bebb brings back from Antwerp, Rotterdam and Philadelphia examples of industrial spaces being turned into creative, culturally relevant parks and other civic areas.