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UJ Hamby Park

This small community park provides a wide range of recreation opportunities for community residents. Paved paths through the developed portion of the park lead to soft-surface paths through a small natural area. Benches and tables can found throughout the park.

The playground, basketball court and large lawn provide a range of options for active play. The park can be accessed on the east side for parking, as well as by several neighborhood connections on the west side.

1035 NE Jackson School Rd Hillsboro, OR 97124

Tickle Creek Park

Tickle Creek Park is an undeveloped neighborhood park that winds along Tickle Creek. It is a natural, forested area included as part of the Tickle Creek greenway. Plans are underway to develop a path along Tickle Creek between Highway 211 & 362nd Ave that will eventually connect to the Springwater Corridor Trail.

The entrance is located just east of 362nd and south of Dubarko Rd.

SW Terwilliger Blvd Parkway

Terwilliger Parkway is a linear park that winds south from downtown Portland along the west hills. It consists of the road itself and about 100 feet of land on either side of the road. The Parkway represents Portland’s early recognition of the value of green spaces within the city, and now provides recreation and relaxation to its many visitors.


SW 6th Ave - Sheridan St to Slavin St Portland, OR 97239


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