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Tower Crest Park

This 2-acre property is located on NE 54th Street at 63rd Avenue in the East Minnehaha neighborhood. The undeveloped property currently features informal, soft-surface trails and is heavily wooded. A water tower and property owned by the city of Vancouver's public works department is located on the southwest side of the property. The park's name refers to the surrounding housing subdivision.

NE 54th St & NE 63rd Ave Walnut Grove, WA 98661

Rambling the Reed College Canyon

Lying at the heart of the beautifully manicured Reed College campus, the Reed College Canyon remains an island of untamed nature in the center of an urban area. Essentially untouched from the 1930s to 2000, the canyon has been the force of an ambitious habitat restoration project for the past decade. This work has restored the canyon to its "natural" state while improving opportunities for visitors to appreciate its beauty.


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