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South Vancouver Lake Lowlands

Walking, biking, or driving along the south shore of Vancouver Lake makes for a peaceful day of bird watching. Birding is best from early fall through late spring when the wintering species congregate here. Some of the better spots should be avoided during hunting season but this activity also causes the birds to move in mass to the no hunting areas where they can easily be viewed. Vancouver Lake can be reached from the I-5 Freeway by taking Exit 1-D to 4th Plain Blvd. and traveling west. This road leads directly to the lake and the starting point.

Sellwood Riverfront Park

Sellwood Riverfront Park is at the southern edge of Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge and provides access to the Springwater Trail. The park provides water access for swimming (but no beach) and fishing, a boat dock and canoe launch, a dog off-leash area, natural surface and paved paths, and picnic tables.

SE Spokane St & Oaks Pkwy Portland, OR 97202


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