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Learning about canoe safety.

Take a tour of Ross Island in the Willamette River to discover the wonderful wildlife that call this place home!

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My love sitting in the canoe at the start of this lovely adventure trip paddling upstream from the Sellwood Bridge towards Lake Oswego.

Get out on the Willamette to see the city from a different perspective in theis Recess on The Intertwine.

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The Guys and their Canoe

Take the canoes out on the Tualatin River this summer for some fun, sun, relaxation and cute critter spotting.

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Paddling through the Holgate Slough

Ross Island is an oasis of nature surrounded by the city. More than 100 species of birds use the island during their annual migrations. It is also a working landscape: for much of the last century. While mining ceased in the 1990s, sand and gravel from other sites are still processed on Ross Island. Parts of the island are now under the management of Portland Parks and Recreation.

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Floating down the Sandy River.

The Sandy River is one of only a handful of Oregon waterways whose entire lengths have been declared navigable — from its headwaters on Mount Hood’s Reid Glacier to its entry into the Columbia River just east of Portland. Portland Monthly shows us how to enjoy the closest wild and scenic river to Portland.

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