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With such a wide variety of adventure possibilities right outside your door, it's easy to connect with nature. For ideas on our region's best places to play, check out these Intertwine adventures contributed by local leaders, residents and naturalists.

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Dog at park

You probably have a favorite hangout near your house already, but it’s worth a short drive to check out these four crème de la crème canine playgrounds, guaranteed to give your pup even more reason to wag her tail at the end of the day. You're living in an urban dog-park paradise. Woof woof!

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McMinnville Skatepark

The Portland-Vancouver area boasts some world-class skate parks. Check out what our skate parks have to offer, then grab your wheels and get out there.

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The Rock Creek Trail

The Rock Creek Trail, passing through several great parks and open spaces, has something to offer everyone — wildlife viewing, hiking, biking, and fishing. The relatively flat, paved trail runs four miles one-way along a power-line corridor, beginning at Rock Creek Boulevard from the west and ending just east of Kaiser Road, with numerous entrances from adjacent neighborhoods.


Every winter one of our region's great spectacles begins to unfold. Eagles, Sandhill Cranes, Canada geese, ducks, snow geese, tundra swans, and other birds congregate on Sauvie Island.

The path into Hopkins Demonstration Forest.

Once a family-owned tree farm just south of Oregon City, this special place is now open and free to the public to learn about sustainable forestry practices.