Planting for environmental justice

Backyard Habitats and APANO join forces to restore habitat

I knew I was in the right place for meaningful collaborations when one APANO member said, “This is not a conversation where white people are going to tell us what to do.” Read on for how a team of people began creating healthy habitat in Portland's Jade District.  

Bringing the ecodrama

Latino arts organization seeks connections with environmental educators

Latino theatre group Milagro recently joined The Alliance, bringing a new bilingual ecodrama and a vibrant environmental arts curriculum to the table as Intertwine Projects. Environmental justice advocates and environmental educators, Dañel wants to collaborate with you!

Anatomy of a mural

A 70-foot heron transforms a lifeless wall

That amazing wildlife mural up on the hill from Oaks Bottom? You know, the great big one? Mike Houck tells its behind-the-scenes story, from improbable beginning to mind-boggling technical execution, and offers the lessons he learned in the process.

15 ways Portland-area biking has gotten better in the past year

In celebration of this week's launch of BIKETOWN, we share this Metro piece highlighting recent achievements and advances that have made biking more practical, safe and convenient throughout The Intertwine.

Car-free excursions with Explore Washington Park

Free park-wide shuttle provides critical link to TriMet service

Washington Park is jam-packed with world-class treasures like the Japanese Garden, Oregon Zoo and trails through wild forest. During the busy summer months, it's also jam-packed with visitors. That's where Explore Washington Park comes in -- saving the day with its free shuttle running on a 10-stop route, and strategies for enjoying the park even in the high season.

For the love of Fernhill

A water treatment facility, but so much more

When Clean Water Services decided to build an innovative natural treatment system (NTS) to purify water, it asked nationally recognized wetland scientists and engineers for guidance. This is not the first NTS in the nation, but it is unique in many ways, from the diversity of native plants, to the variety of treatment wetlands, to engaging the community in the design. 

Fashioning a world-class riverwalk

Update on design and community engagement at Willamette Falls

The riverwalk is the high-profile, public access project that has captivated the imagination of thousands of enthusiastic supporters, and it is what most community members think of as the Willamette Falls Legacy Project. It will reconnect historic downtown Oregon City to Willamette Falls, and it has been the focus of the project’s community engagement efforts.