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Woods Memorial Natural Area

This steeply sloped site is part of the Fanno Watershed, containing the headwaters of the two forks of Woods Creek. Although most of the park was logged about one hundred years ago, there are still some historic trees, and about 98% of the landscape is native including oaks, Douglas fir, cedar, willow, red and blue elderberry, Oregon grape, trillium, thimbleberry. The park offers a natural setting that attracts wildlife in the quiet woods, along the creek, and in the meadow.

SW 45th Ave & Woods St Portland, OR 97219

Woodard Park

Bordered by Fanno Creek and Tiedeman, Johnson and Katherine Streets, Woodard Park sits tucked away in the center of the city. The park is best known for its large oak trees and ponderosa pines; park structures were actually designed around these big trees. Park-goers can hear the creek babble along while walking Fanno Creek trail as it winds through this quiet, neighborhood park

10155 SW Johnson St Tigard, OR 97223

Wintler Park

Situated on the bank of the Columbia River, this 12.5-acre beach park has picnic tables, paved walkway, and a restroom. The Wintler Park Trail Extension provides a continuous connection for users from the park to the Columbia River Renaissance Trail.

6400 Beach Dr Vancouver, WA 98664


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