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With such a wide variety of adventure possibilities right outside your door, it's easy to connect with nature. For ideas on our region's best places to play, check out these Intertwine adventures contributed by local leaders, residents and naturalists.

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Let the depaving begin!

Take the Depave plunge! You haven't lived until you've depaved a parking lot with your own two hands. Find out about this cool group of volunteers with this Recess on The Intertwine.

The Easbank Esplanade

Take a page from Where to Bike - Portland, and cruise the Springwater Corridor from downtown to Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden in SE Portland.

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My love sitting in the canoe at the start of this lovely adventure trip paddling upstream from the Sellwood Bridge towards Lake Oswego.

Get out on the Willamette to see the city from a different perspective in theis Recess on The Intertwine.

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The bikeway to Mount Tabor.

Explore the Intertwine with the finest Portland has to offer: Bikes, Banh Mi, Buttes, Bioswales, and Beer! This leisurely Intertwine Adventure, roughly 9 miles in length, offers a tour of Portland’s local volcanic landscape, our innovative infrastructure for bicycles and stormwater, and a selection of some of Portland’s quirky local businesses.

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Ryan takes his best toss to win the game

There's lots to enjoy on a sunny summer day at Memorial Park. Pack a picnic, the bocce balls, and your swim suit for this Recess on The Intertwine.

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